Foundations of Implants & Full Mouth Restoration


12 CE credits focusing on full mouth implant prosthetics, full arch crowns and veneers, sedation options, plus guidance on diagnosis and treatment planning. The course will also include Dr. Lampee’s strategies for branding, marketing, and debt-free living.

Key Concepts

  • Implants are easy. We will show you how to make the jump from placing 1 implant at a time to placing 8 or more in one morning on a single patient. Transform your patients and practice by providing full arch implant prosthetics.
  • Full mouth rehab. We will show you how to diagnose and treat full arch crowns and veneers. Occlusion and tooth wear will also be covered. Patients want to look better and are willing to pay for this out-of-pocket. (That’s right, say goodbye to insurance.)
  • Smart marketing. Marketing costs money, but is the best money you will ever spend. We will discuss how to market, where to market, and the importance of video. Don’t sell dentistry—learn how to tell the story of a dental transformation.
  • The rules of sedation. Sedation is a valuable tool in making complex cases simple. If you aren’t doing any sedation now, consider learning how, or hiring someone to do it. We will discuss the basics of moderate sedation you can do yourself, and when to bring in your own dental anesthesiologist.

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