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Get dental CE credits and learn advanced skills

  • Get foundational training in high-skill techniques including implants and full mouth restorations

  • Accurately diagnose cases and determine treatment plans

  • Get invaluable guidance on patient and practice management, marketing, and transforming your practice

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Foundations of Dental Implants & Full Mouth Restoration


Downtown Portland, Oregon


Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD


12 CE credits focusing on full mouth implant prosthetics, full arch crowns and veneers, sedation options, plus guidance on diagnosis and treatment planning. The course will also include Dr. Lampee’s strategies for branding, marketing, and debt-free living.

Dentistry is changing. Go beyond.
Work less, earn more & change lives.

About BeyonDentistry Education

You’ve worked hard to build your practice: long hours, patients and office staff to manage, and bills to pay for specialized office equipment and dental school loans. You may be trying to cram in more and more patients and insurers to grow your practice. Or that one difficult patient or procedure has you stressing about your next appointment.

Sound familiar? Is this the practice of your dreams, or is it a drag on your attitude, your livelihood and your confidence?

BeyonDentistry Education was started to help dentists just like you learn the skills to build a successful dental practice. Our curriculum is a balanced mix of practice management and advanced dental procedures that will tee you up to take control of your practice. You already have the skills that dental school taught you, but they didn’t set you up for success. The advanced procedures you need to know – implant prosthetics, full-arch crowns and veneers, sedation and full-mouth restorations – plus key business and marketing knowledge and the soft skills of dentistry are critical to your success. We can help you fill in the gaps of your knowledge to help you overcome obstacles and build the practice of your dreams!

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